Kym and Susan Garder–the Camino de Santiago

In this episode we interview Kym and Susan Gardner, friends who have hiked a rather lengthy pilgrimage across northern Spain twice and will be returning for a third pilgrimage next year. In particular we discuss how this pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago, which is normally undertaken by Europeans and Catholics, was discovered and walked by this American Protestant couple and their children and the impact the experiences have had upon their faith.

A conversation with Alan Torrance

In this episode we interview Alan Torrance, longtime professor of Systematic Theology at St. Andrews University, Scotland and the director of the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology. In particular we chat with Dr. Torrance about a multitude of topics— including his father James Torrance, his uncle T.F. Torrance, the Lord’s Supper and its location in the order of worship, the difference between and contract and covenant, and suggestions and encouragement for Christian leadership everywhere, especially those creatures known as Presbyterian elders.

Douglas Campbell–a review of his book Paul: An Apostle’s Journey

In this episode we interview Douglas Campbell, longtime professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC. In particular we review Dr. Campbell’s soon to be released new book Paul: An Apostle’s Journey that will be published by William B. Eerdmans publishing company. Whether we are new to the reading of the apostle Paul and his letters or we have been reading Paul our whole lives, Douglas’s book is sure to help us hear Paul with renewed clarity and energy. Paul: An Apostle’s Journey is the best of New Testament scholarship written for the everyday person that most of us likely happen to be, both in content and style.

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